The HYNIX HY27(U/S)S(08/16)561A series is a 32Mx8bit with spare 8Mbit capacity. The device is offered in 1.8V Vcc Power Supply and in 3.3V Vcc Power Supply.

Its NAND cell provides the most cost-effective solution for the solid state mass storage market.

The memory is divided into blocks that can be erased independently so it is possible to preserve valid data while old data is erased.

The device contains 2048 blocks, composed by 32 pages consisting in two NAND structures of 16 series connected Flash cells.

A program operation allows to write the 512-byte page in typical 200us and an erase operation can be performed in typical 2ms on a 16K-byte(X8 device) block.

Data in the page mode can be read out at 50ns cycle time per byte. The I/O pins serve as the ports for address and data input/output as well as command input. This interface allows a reduced pin count and easy migration towards dif��ferent densities, without any rearrangement of footprint.

Commands, Data and Addresses are synchronously introduced using CE#, WE#, ALE and CLE input pin.

The on-chip Program/Erase Controller automates all program and erase functions including pulse repetition, where required, and internal verification and margining of data.

The modifying can be locked using the WP# input pin.

The output pin RB# (open drain buffer) signals the status of the device during each operation. In a system with mul��tiple memories the RB# pins can be connected all together to provide a global status signal.

Even the write-intensive systems can take advantage of the HY27(U/S)S(08/16)561A extended reliability of 100K pro��gram/erase cycles by providing ECC (Error Correcting Code) with real time mapping-out algorithm.

Optionally the chip could be offered with the CE# don��t care function. This option allows the direct download of the code from the NAND Flash memory device by a microcontroller, since the CE# transitions do not stop the read opera��tion.

The copy back function allows the optimization of defective blocks management: when a page program operation fails the data can be directly programmed in another page inside the same array section without the time consuming serial data insertion phase.

This device includes also extra features like OTP/Unique ID area, Block Lock mechanism, Automatic Read at Power Up, Read ID2 extension.

The Hynix HY27(U/S)S(08/16)561A series is available in 48 - TSOP1 12 x 20 mm , 48 - USOP1 12 x 17 mm, FBGA 9 x 11 mm.


Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet
Part Number Rev. Update Date Remark
HY27US08561A 0.5 2006-06-20